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Is there seriously people complaining about dark-skinned people on THG? Did I read a different story or something? For that matter, I can’t believe it’s 2012, the world is almost over, and there’s still stupid people who cares about skin color. Or size. Or sexual preference. It’s ridiculous! I didn’t even wanted to believe it because it’s funny on my ears. Did you actually watched the movie? They were all fucking amazing, and I don’t even like Lenny Kravitz at all. What the hell is happening? Seriously, we’re all the fucking same! Look at your eyes, we all have two. Look at your ears, we all have two, as well. Look at your nose. Is one, everyone have one nose! Now look at your hands, can you count your fingers on it? Well, we all have the same amount of fingers and we all have a middle one. Now, if you’re complaining about someone who is different to you, took that middle finger and stuck it in that other one part of your body we all also have. Thank you.


(Source: allofthisiswrong)